Friday, June 25, 2010

NAPCP Retreat {Napa, California}

Had an AMAZING, life changing, wonderful time in Napa at the NAPCP Retreat! Words can't even describe how inspiring it was! Here are a few pictures! Many more to come!

The entire group

New headshot taken by the fabulous Karmen Dowell

One of my favorites (so far). These three sisters were absolutely beautiful!

Little Gwen....loved her!

Kennedy...this little one had SO much attitude, but in a good way. Those eyes-oh those eyes!

Hannah- She had FIVE dimples! SO cute, sweet and full of life!

Colton...I could have just eaten him up!

This is MaryAnn. She's one of the ones from Texas who I met up with at the airport in San Francisco. SUCH a wonderful person and so FUNNY!

Cassandra! No one made me laugh the way she did (does!). This was taken on the last evening in the vineyard. She was on operation overload and ready for another glass of wine! Ha!

Sweet, beautiful Karmen! The one who told me about the retreat and took my beautiful headshot! Love her and I know we'll stay friends forever just like I will with the other ladies!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Model Session {Meet Makayla}

Had a wonderful session with 10 year old Makayla on Saturday! She's headed to Orlando in a few weeks for a modeling competition and I was asked to take some pictures for her for the event! We had SO much fun despite seeing two snakes, fighting off mosquitoes and working in 90 degree heat!! Here are a few from the evening! Enjoy!

It's not every day....

Here's something you don't see every day on a shoot!!! Ewww!! This was the second snake of the day that we had the pleasure of seeing! This cat appeared about halfway through the first part of Makayla's shoot, let us love on her and then skittered find this I guess! Bleh!! Just HAD to snap a pic of the moment! Ha!