Monday, November 21, 2011

{Rowan ~ 1 Year}

Remember this little guy from last year?

Well here he is now a year later! :) Had a great, but freezing, session with Mr. Rowan this weekend! He couldn't be cuter and couldn't be more serious just like his older cousin Peyton who is also a client of mine. ;-) I can't believe we're already taking his one year photos. Love watching my "Baby Planners" grow up and develop their personalities! Here are just a few teasers of this fabulous little guy! Enjoy! Oh ~ and the last pic was an outtake, but I ended up LOVING it so I had to add it to the gallery. Like I said, it was SO cold so we took a minute to bundle him up and then plopped him in the little rocker for his next set up...the look he gave me was priceless! Ha! Sometimes the outtakes end up being my faves on a shoot!

"Colorado: Where babies have to be tough to make it through a photo session in the winter!"

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